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How Adding a Splash of Colour Can Help Increase the Value of Your Property For Sale​​

When selling your property, it’s tempting to create a list of updates to complete before it goes on the market. Updates are surefire ways to increase the value of your property. They can also be surefire ways to a never-ending to-do list, and an overwhelming experience as you try to make a sale.

The trick is to focus on updates that will increase the value of your property while not exhausting your budget – or energy – in the process. With conflicting advice from friends, family, and blogs about which updates are truly meaningful and will provide a great return, it can be hard to pick what feels like the right place to start.

Here’s the truth: it doesn’t always take a major renovation to see a significant increase in your property’s value. Small updates can make a huge difference if they’re done thoughtfully. Below, we share 4 tips around using splashes of colour to increase the value of your property – hopefully leading to a speedy, lucrative sale.

Colourful appeal

The obvious place to start is with the exterior walls of your property. It may feel like a significant undertaking, but a fresh coat of exterior paint is like a face lift for your home or building. It’s a prospective buyer’s first impression of your property, so you want it to be a good one.

A fresh coat of exterior paint offers a rich, friendly colour to draw buyers in. Adding a new coat can also go a long way in covering any previous chips or fading colours in the paint – making your property feel updated, fresh, and ready for a new buyer.

Eye catching accessories

In addition to the structure itself, things like letterboxes, fences, and other exterior features also contribute to a property’s appeal. Adding a bold coat of paint to these accessories can work wonders, making them look brand new.

Eye-catching accessories are nice to look at, which can help with the sale of your property. More importantly, they send prospective buyers the message that the property has been well maintained and looked-after in every detail.

Style in specific areas

Repainting every room of your house is an overwhelming proposition. It’s ambitious and frankly, often not necessary. Focusing on specific areas let’s you add visual interest and leverage current trends without breaking your back tackling every single room.

Painting an accent or focus wall lends a remarkable update to a specific space. It breathes new life into a room and gives you a chance to do a simple update that buyers can’t help but notice as they tour your property.

Beyond the paint tin

Adding a ‘splash of colour,’ naturally leads many people to think of paint. But there are other ways you can add colour to your property to send the message that it’s well-maintained and updated for a new owner.

Art on the walls, accessories like candles, vases, and trinkets, and even fresh flowers that are used for staging a home add a bright and friendly pop of colour to your property. If you think beyond the paint, you’ll find many ways to incorporate colour in unexpected ways.

Breaking the sale of your property into manageable pieces is a great strategy to successfully deal with what can feel like a stressful undertaking. By adding splashes of colour here and there, you can add real value to your property without investing a disproportionate amount of work.

One last piece of good news: updating your property for a sale also means you get to live in an updated space until the sale is final! Don’t forget to enjoy the process as much as you can.

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